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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The consistant Steve Jobs

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In any successful business, to political success and even in all our lives, people hide behind their successful careers, some things that people do not realize in their lifetime. In my personal experience, I had the General Managers who explore markets with nothing new, while others are pioneers of Products that changed the perception of consumers. If these realities of life in business seem confuse, it is an opportunity for Seleani.com to share more the recent example of Mr. Steve Jobs:

The retrospective on his life and his career will be succeeded. They will certainly retrace the epic of Macintosh, iPod, iPad and iPhone, not to mention the MacBook Air or the first All-In-One, all of which have truly seduced the public.

Newspapers, writers and media resume the story of his life, or what we know: children abandoned by a father Syrian teacher, adopted by a modest American family, but average student serial entrepreneur and visionary man of genius.

Some remember the angry character, integer or totalitarian leader and paradoxical corollary, his charisma and unique influence on his colleagues.

His consistence:

Others evoke the look shifted that became legendary: a simple jeans, sneakers, a T-Shirt, a stubble and an eternal pair of round glasses.

Away from any debate, far from any retrospective always more or less partisan, far from hagiography, we are users or not Apple, writing at seleani.com we now just wants to pay tribute to one of the greatest personalities who by the strongest modern computing has change the way we compute.

Steve Jobs was 56 years old. May his soul rest in peace.

These what some clients have to say “a human who had his pros and cons”

As a customer of Foxconn, Steve Jobs could not ignore the inhuman working conditions of the company known for its methods worthy of a dictatorship. Therefore we must not deny liability, even if not directly, in many deaths at work. I find that people who refuse to see the true nature of people like Steve Jobs on the ground that they believe that Apple sells is inevitable (?) Also induces their responsibility for the ills of the world today. Operate until the death of people to another part of privileged society can play with the latest gadgets is not acceptable. Some in this forum would do well to weigh what they say about the valuable system of humanity.
For me Steve Jobs is a leading brewer of ideas, not a genius, but a horrible person socially. From this point of view, it is clear recognized that despite his immense fortune, he never gave a penny to charity, he parked on the parking spaces reserved for disabled people and that was a dictator at work .

Nice balance. But leave it to historians to rewrite the task correctly the story of Steve Jobs when the fervor of the fans for their guru settles as an absolute..

2 Responses to “The consistant Steve Jobs”
  1. Salim says:

    There some of few people know purpose of life but all of us live it. The good same of what you said is to identify the reason we live in. I believe every mankind has missions but very few succeed to make change. These are just many inside this few; Jakson, Steve, L King, etc. But the question is, are they been chosen ? Why not us?

  2. leana.caroline says:

    A life well spent is a life well lived.As people say we are all here for a purpose on Earth, and the mission should be accomplished during our lifetime.When we are gone the reminiscences of our achievement is all that we will leave behind and in this aspect I would like to say Hats Off to Mr.Steve who has done such a lot for this generation .Lets take a page from Mr.Steve to do our best while we can.May His Soul Rest In Peace.

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