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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ring of our Living Cycle

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Same to what Steve Jobs came to tell us in his cancer recovery of 2005 and now gone greatly. In Seleani Platform, we consider the world to be a theater and us folks to be characters in it. We are born to play our roles, and when we are done, we depart. It might sound simplistic perhaps, but if one were really to think about it, that’s precisely what we do. We play our roles, multiple roles of being a son/daughter, husband/wife, grandfather/grandmother. We fulfill our commitments in each of these varied roles (most of us at least) and then we move on to another world/stage perhaps like Michael Jakson, Albert Einstein etc…

Of course, all living beings that are born do die at some point. Death is as much a part of living as living itself. Life and death are intertwined. One leads to another – they cannot be separated. Its cyclical and repeats itself, as it has through the ages. Death need not be looked upon as something undesirable. Death should in fact be viewed as necessary. All living things deteriorate over time and death is but an exit for the soul to exit the body that has become frail and incapable of sustaining life any longer.

Envision a world without death – how sad would such a world be? If frail and weak humans continue to live on and on, can the world be sustainable? How heart wrenching would it be to see your loved ones wither away. Or, if indeed a magic cure has been discovered that enabled humans to stay young forever – would the Earth be able to sustain all the millions of young, restless humans that continue to live on and on as immortals. So, however much one might fear death or wish death away – death is essential. It is essential to the cycle of nature. In death, there is life and in life there is death. That’s just the way it is and should be.

Life is an opportunity given. What one makes of that life is upon the specific individual. One human might strive to become a better human being, strive to understand the world around him and the world beyond, might be good and do good to others, our countries, home town, families and relatives. Another human might seek to be the death of others, might seek to commit acts of terror and kill with impunity and without remorse. We are born with a clean slate – what we write on it is entirely dependent on us, our responsability and the choices we make…Editor Mohamed Salim

3 Responses to “Ring of our Living Cycle”
  1. Salim says:

    Very truly example you mentioned and i can add also the cycle of natural taste of all fruits. it is when the wind came aggressively to shake the whole tree that fruits liquid become mature and tasty. same natural example gives us the honey principle where Bees collect many flowers where separately will not have the the collective taste. but whenever the bees achieve the mixage, we always find honey very unique. life is worth to all of what can be mixed because even we cannot know earlier, we end up by understanding why things were stuck to our deep struggle. Everything we live in has its own natural cycle for us to find and follow..

  2. leana.caroline says:

    Let us take the cycle of a butterfly- first the caterpillar spins itself into a larva which fully secures itself into a cocoon and then after the right time comes it turns itself into a colorful butterfly to fly away.This is what life is all about ,it is a cycle between the good and the bad ,the happy times and the sad times ,the losses and the gains laughter and the tears,welcome to the new born and adios to the dead.In the process of so many things yet we shouild not let any thing stop us ,be it the up or the down because as we move forward we realise that we can better what we did before or come up with a new strategy to solve the hindrance in our path.Life will never stop for anyone .As time ticks by we too should be ever ready to take what comes our way for it is but a short stay that we are here on this Earth.

  3. Salim says:

    Are we aware of the limited time we been given chance? if yes, we can make better and always choices that drive us toward such path of greatness of Human been on ourselves but more attention to other people right on us.

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