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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rise up free Human or knee yourself in ignorance

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After achieving the phase #1 of practical blogging on Seleani.com, it is the decision time to move into the direction of Non-Profit Portal that we will work on global voluntary social computing, without any commercial advertisement to this tough World where people are mind-controlled by growing need of surviving. In every generation there will be risen ones above the crowd to reveal the truth of our ages. This individualism concept drives us to come up with a way out of the chaos and confusion that surrounds us; at this moment, in this time, on the name of freedom.In this www.seleani.com, we reveal how the human race got into the present global crisis and the keys to getting out with knowledge and awareness. No one cares, no one aware for what going on, lot are afraid of controversial talks and avoid as possible the conspiracy theories, to admit on living on a shadow behind the machinations underlying global events and the mechanisms of control used to keep us in fear and confusion, opens our eyes to the truth of what is really happening behind the scenes of our daily reality. This awareness is a necessary step towards our ultimate liberation as a race, as a species, and as residents of Planet Earth where TV, radio, newspapers and social sites are used to mount the continuous propaganda. Those who know what aimed behind the devil and selfishness, will not fear but rather will continue believe on Life and society.

In the second stage of our practical publishing, Seleani.com will present the never seen ways to release ourselves from the current crisis, not by living on our knees but standing firm, free and fully awakened equipped with lightening knowledge from the top governed countries to close into the nearest living families that today if you cannot be the Lion, you will be demolished by the Tigers. We will deliver tools for better self-management, Businesses, technologies as same as our baby born Science of the Universe where basic Educational of everything will build the foundation of coming generations. It an inspiration from myself childhood when people where advising to abandon my belief of Science to follow routine of traditional education.

Join us for this revelation and we will lead each other on a path towards the ultimate emancipation of the human race through the revolutionary power of love. But you promise to free yourself from anger, belief and selfish on all its kind. It is the hospitality of everyone but rejects for those who are born and live for themselves ONLY.

Mohamed Salim ALI

Science Technologist and Seleani.com Founder

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