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Sunday, March 25, 2012

International Day: Martyr Asrar AlQabandi School

It’s a busy time when classes are having projects to do, and this was how it was at our school-Martyr Asrar Al Qabandi Bilingual School. We celebrated International Day at our school. Each class was given a particular country like China, Morocco, Spain, Thailand, Mexico, America, Hawaii and Turkey….

             It was hustle and bustle where each teacher was discussing and pooling in a lot of ideas from the students to make it a great event. There was a lot of co-operation from the parents who supported the teachers of their children from the particular classes and hats off to the parents who had kids in different classes.

                 Students were all hush about the concept of their respective class program because they wanted it be a big surprise on the big day. All decisions made in the class remained in the class, all ideas and arrangements were kept secret within the four walls of the class rooms.

                                  There was Grade-4 Class that had Thailand as assigned country. So they all decided to dress up the Thai way. Students volunteered to make charts, bring Thai food, candles and other decorations of Thailand. Quietly and slowly the kids brought in their contributions and they wanted me to be secretive as well.  Just five minutes before the bell could ring we would finish our lessons to discuss about the great day.

                          5th January – the most awaited day. As the clock struck 7 it was a great pleasure to see the students all attired in their countries costumes pouring into school with bright smiles on their faces. There were many side way glances as each child admired the other in his/her costume and they cheerfully ran up the stairs and into their classes. Grade 4 A was transformed from a classroom into a Museum where all the clothes, accessories, wood works, handbags, flowers, flags and a lot of pictures and charts were put up to depict Thailand in all its Grandeur. At the side of the museum there was a  laptop playing the movie of Thailand and some lovely lilting music flooded the room.

The next classroom was converted into a Beach with boats, some smooth soft sand for a shore was also depicted. The other half was a market place and Shopping Centre where there were vegetables and fruits and a lot of ear-rings, lipsticks, nailpolish, bangles just like you would get in a real shopping place.

              Coming out one would just step into the Food-Court where Thai cuisine with its aroma filled the place. Besides this there was a lot of fresh fruits and juices too. Beautiful flowers and green plants added beauty to the ambience. The best part was whenever there was a visitor the students said “Sawastee” and greeted them. It was joy and laughter all the way.

The joy of the students was exalted  when  the judges announced the winners. The third place went to Hawaii, the second place went to Turkey and the first place went to Thailand. Echoes of “We are winners” lasted for a long time.

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2 Responses to “International Day: Martyr Asrar AlQabandi School”
  1. Salim says:

    it is the wisdom of doing things with ambitions. Ambition create permanent attention and increase the love we put in what we do; for us, for others and for mostly the unknown. You are right and in more to this, taking challenges for high standard, is the key to succeed building generations and make these children the leaders of tomorrow; from great families to successful societies. TIRE chapeau the teachers and more to those who make the difference…Congrat !!!!!!

  2. Boinaali says:

    When family do what they have to do for helping they children to get a great life, they obtain results what they expected; but if nobody don’t care, we finally accuse teachers or school for a bad responsibilities.
    families, parents, teachers and each of us has his part of responsibility on education life of our children, so we have to support them for good life/education or leave them to become who we don’t expect.
    congratulations with that hard responsibility, may GOD bless you and bless those students.

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