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Sunday, March 25, 2012

End of the year: Celebration or Meditation?

Actually, around the World, Peoples are celebrating the ‘’END of THE YEAR’’. When we talk about the year, we talk about ‘’TIME’’ because in one year, we have 365 or 366 days. As for 2012, we had 366 days.

The most problem, people are celebrating but when we ask them: why shall we celebrate the end of the year? Most of them will say: we are celebrating because we got a new friend; we’ve got married; we’ve got a new Job and so on. People will miss what should be the best response: first, we are celebrating for being alive as many are died; we are celebrating because we have achieved something. What did we achieve in 366 days? Did we reach ours goals? What did we miss into our plans for the past ye


ar? It should be the kinds of questions that a mankind we are should ask ourselves before to go for celebrating.

As we said: it isn’t so late to move back and fix ours mistakes which we made for ensuring a next good year because after 365 days, we will face the same problem.

I propose a deal, before we celebrate the end of the year and make wishes for the new coming, we have to check if really we must celebrate it or we must make some steps back for a better life. I know that we cannot turn back the time for our past but we can take care about our future by our Present.

We end this brief view with this saying: ‘’The TIME is like a SWORD, if you do not cut it, it will cut you, what means: if we do not use the time, we will be used by the time.

Ask yourself, in 366 days, what did I achieve before go for CELEBRATING…

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