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Sunday, March 25, 2012


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SeleaniNews: We studied the information needs, communication and training for groups involved in the activities of a project “Establishment of a Community Multimedia Center in Seleani Hamahamet” For a population up to 3000 habitants, 75% of youngs 30 years Seleani does not have enough resources to upgrade its technological development.  With a local radio station (Radio Betlem), I wanted to establish a community center that will modernize the means of communication that are not only inadequate, but rudimentary.

Thus, a multimedia center, in support of development, should be implemented by local leaders, supported not only by the government of the Island, but also by young nationals Seleani. Thus, a multimedia center, in support of development, should be implemented by local leaders, supported not only by the government of the Island, but also by young of Seleani. This project aims to improve the livelihoods of rural people.

Subsequently, information and training should take place in several phases. Moreover, the project must identify the needs for information, communication and training of target groups involved in the project such as farmers, fishermen, managers of agricultural education, extension and so on.

Improvement: Improvement:

According to the majority of people interviewed and most people affected have been said that local radio Betlem is the communication medium they know better. Indeed, local radio stations should further develop the national language broadcasts, in french and English on different mechanisms and pricing of agricultural products, livestock and fisheries.  It also realizes that the radio magazines and investigations which will involve different stakeholders. In addition, the Radio will air daily awareness on development issues, such as on increasing productivity, the best food, the better health, better education and the preservation of an environment conducive to life.

For this reason, a project to create a multimedia center in 5 years is launched from August 2008, with the support of nationals abroad Seleani and national volunteer contributors. With this project, young executives Seleani to meet the needs of growing populations in the field of information and communication. Yet, the Center should make it possible to have a means of communication to obtain the support of rural populations to the various national development initiatives, sub-regional and at the same time, promote and popularize the knowledge of communities through a multi-dimensional audio-visual programs.

However, it is important to stress that this project should strive and meet the people living in the three categories of social Seleani, such as fishermen, farmers and intellectuals in improving their lifestyles and work. Subsequently, he would take into account the socio-cultural differences. Which leads to focus on research to meet different information needs, communication of the peoples of these three categories of the Seleani town.

Each category target some specific concerns related to the exercise of an activity or work environment. Through the concerns expressed by various groups, magazines, games and micro public programs are types that have the greatest impact on rural populations.  The realization of such a center must be translated into better access to education, information and mobilization of rural populations who are the main actors. Despite the big efforts in recent years by the Government of the Union with respect to communications infrastructure has not yet completed the implementation of its national communication strategy for regional development.

Seleani, vast land for agricultural purposes, area livestock and fisheries and rural 60%, has not yet finalized its policy on communication for development. However, in the context of setting? Implement its national policy on communication for development, the Government intends to explore all channels of communication. As a result, the exploitation of existing traditional and informal learning becomes a necessity. Radio remains the medium that is growing fast because it offers people a varied program. This is mainly to meet the needs of rural people to increase their resources, gradually establish our businesses, so the fight against poverty.

Moving this approach I have to run faster as Managing Director of Radio-tv Betlme, equipment Radio Betlem should be improved to improve the dissemination of the following:

  • Transform the analog to digital, Transform the analog to digital
  • Set up relay to other parts of the island of Grande Comoros;
  • Assign a permanent system of reporting affin better inform and educate young people;
  • Set a schedule to launch the station via satellite Set a schedule to launch the satellite station
  • Put a mixture of Betlem Television-TV Put a mixture of TV-Television Betlem
  • Set a schedule to run the station “streaming” Set a schedule to launch the station web streaming

Therefore, the assumption would be best for the moment and would have the advantage of being less expensive to reach a broader audience. This operation put the Radio on the Web, will be supported by young professionals of the Seleani Town the web site already exisite www.seleani.com. This Young Generation will then continue to make their interests for the realization of programs and broadcasts on the base stations of the island of Grande Comore, for a national plan in the future.

Subsequently, a proposal for a cost of installing and operating budget have been requested from the technical director of the national local radio Seleani (Mohamed Salim). However, the improvement of the radio station Betlem can not be supported by the Mayor of the city alone but also by a set of development partners. However, it may attract the attention of Government to encourage the development of the region and fight against rural poverty.

Seleani is a city of more than 3000 inhabitants in an area ranging around 10% of the population of the island.  Seleani is too far from the capital Moroni. So the region Hamahamet is not covered by many issuers of the capital.  Accordingly, the innovation of radio is needed to develop and participate in capacity-building development Hamahamet and even the nation as a whole.  And if our investor group is launching this project, the price of the investment will be the burden of payment will depend on its efficasite .. And if our investor group is launching this project, the price of the investment will be the burden of payment will depend on its efficasity ..

Thank you……

Case Study – Editor and Director of Radio Betlem
Mohamed Salim Mohamed Salim ALI ALI

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